Journaling for Teens

The teen years are sometimes challenging and confusing…peer pressure is strong!

It’s so important to learn to listen to the sound of your own precious voice, to drown out everyone else’s ideas of who you should be.    As Dr. Seuss says, “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Journaling is a great time to tune into figuring out what matters to you and what makes you YOU!

Decorate your journal!

So how do you do this in a journaling workshop?

Well, you start by making a journal that you decorate to reveal what’s important to you.  You learn some great writing ideas to get you started.  You learn different ways to use your journal from collage to clustering.  You also learn ways to make your journal your most trusted friend, a place to turn to when things are tough or when you just want to celebrate the great things you’ve done.

And did I mention we have fun?!


Jars we fill with great journaling prompts


Here’s what other teens are saying about this workshop:

“I liked the part where we had a lot of freedom in our writing while still having guidelines.  I also liked how lots of exercises had to do with feeling better about bad situations.”

“I really loved decorating my journal and doing the vision board because it helps us express without using words with our own drawings.  We use color, images and ambiance.”

“I journal a lot now, it helps me take out negative energy that used to be just stored away.”

“It helped me use and learn more techniques to deal with happiness and excitement and stress.”

“It made me know many new people.  And it helped me find a way to spend my energy with something different.  It taught me that instead of doing nothing, I could journal and do something useful.”

“I am able to organize my writing now and can figure out how to deal with emotions/feelings.”


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