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Journal to the Self®

Journal to the Self® is a much beloved workshop created in 1985 by Kathleen Adams, LPC, PTR, Director of the Centre for Journal Therapy.  She is an internationally known pioneer in the power of writing to heal. It has been taught to more than 100,000 people in many countries around the world.  This workshop consists of 12 hours of instruction in which you learn 18 different techniques to use in your journal to better explore creativity and intuition as well as improve life management skills.



I love teaching this workshop because invariably, participants are amazed at the myriad ways they can access information within the pages of their journal.  So often in my workshops, a participant wonders aloud where the information comes from!  Whether you are a  seasoned or novice journal keeper, Journal to the Self® offers new and inviting ways to spend time with your journal.

If you have not already experienced journal writing in circle with others, please consider doing so:  the shared experience of being heard in a non-judgmental way is very powerful.  Bonds are formed after only one two hour session!  While sharing is always optional, working in a group on this life-enhancing process bring so much richness to this experience, as does bearing witness to the wisdom and process of others.

Upcoming Workshops

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