Creative Journaling

Experience the Power of the “Journal Créatif”™️ method of Creative Journaling

Developed over twenty years ago by art therapist Anne-Marie Jobin of L’Ecole le jet d’ancre, the “journal créatif”™️ method combines art therapy and psychology concepts to create a playful, creative and introspective method of unconventional journaling.  Using scissors, glue sticks, watercolour, inks, crayons and magazines, these methods will help you relax and tap into your creativity, or allow for deeper exploration by delving into your inner world to uncover hidden resources and strengths.


What participants are saying about this workshop:

“I enjoyed everything.  Every project(s) led to enlightenment.  She is awesome!  It’s my 2nd time taking a workshop with Helene and not only would I recommend it, I would retake it a 3rd time!” – L.P.

“Each week was creative and transformative.  If I said what I liked best, it would be the progression I noticed while working with Hélène.  Her warmth, kindness, and encouragement fuelled my work…I could add acceptance and inviting.  She is clearly an experienced presenter who does not take herself too seriously and this is so helpful to the class to us who need to rediscover play and joy in creativity…I would register in these courses again and I recommend Hélène to many of my friends who are looking for a supportive nudge into exploration and creativity.” – J.L.

“Hélène made each week a joyful and illuminating…(she) led our group with great knowledge of techniques used, provided a comfortable environment for our sharing of our discoveries via techniques.  She gave us the time we needed to express ourselves and I always left this course looking forward to the next week.” – M.W

“Beautiful ideas, enthusiasm and openness…Great modelling of activities and patient and well-timed and organised. Kind, knowledgeable and enthusiastic!  Loved the whole process.  A great addition to my week!” – M.G.

“Hélène explains every class theme and all of its techniques clearly.  She is supportive of all of the feelings that are expressed by participants.  Hélène is exceptionally compassionate and empathetic.  She is a wonderful teacher, an attentive listener, a great encourager and very non-judgmental – so critical when we often don’t feel adequate as artists.  This is my third time taking (a workshop) with Hélène and I will continue to sign up for her courses.  I have spoken so enthusiastically of the course that i have convinced others to sign up as well.  No one has been disappointed.” – L.M.



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