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My name is Helene Brunet and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  As a child, I was smitten with the idea of a diary…a pretty white, gold-embossed journal with a tiny golden lock and key;  this started a lifelong love affair with journal writing and all things stationery, especially fountain pens of which I have several in a rainbow of ink colours!

I discovered the deep transformative power of journaling after a traumatic life change which left me bewildered and off centre.  I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about this therapeutic practise with the goal of bringing this easy, affordable and powerful wellness tool to others.  I studied with the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver, Colorado which was founded by Kathleen Adams, one of the true pioneers in the field of therapeutic writing.  You can find out more about Kathleen Adams and her ground-breaking work by visiting the Centre for Journal Therapy.

It is with great pleasure that I offer a variety of workshops to bring clarity, insight and healing to those who wish to explore their world within the pages of their journal.



Introduction to Journaling

This two-hour workshop which is a terrific “Introduction to Journaling.” Participants leave with a workbook that includes journaling techniques, suggestions, tips and a page-full of thought-provoking writing prompts. There is some some hands-on journaling.  Sharing, one of the great gifts of journaling in a group, is always optional.  Although journaling is a personal practise, journaling in a group always yields great wisdom and compassion.  If you have not experienced journaling in a group, consider doing so…it is a lovely experience!

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Journal to the Self®

This much beloved workshop, created by Kathleen Adams of the Centre for Journal Therapy, has been taught to thousands of people all over the world!  Did you know there are 18 different techniques you can use in your journal to access information, get in touch with your intuition, manage your time more efficiently, tap into your creativity…the list goes on and on!  I LOVE teaching this workshop because people are invariably surprised and delighted with how useful and helpful a journal can be.  They leave feeling inspired, empowered and wishing it was longer than six weeks!

What participants are saying about this workshop:

“Very beautiful, calm and soothing ambiance. Workshop surpassed my expectation.” – M.K.

“It taught me perspective in writing – that it has so many tools in healing, teaching and learning to know yourself. I have learned a lot about me. “Self Discovery” is and can be the best tool to heal yourself.” – S.P.

“I learned how much journaling can help you through stressful situations. Using many different techniques, I can usually find a way to deal with difficult situations.” – N.G.

“I never realized how powerful journaling was until I joined your class. It is very therapeutic.” – L.C

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Evening Information Session – Divorce: Take Back Your Life

In this two-hour introductory session on divorce journaling, find out HOW and WHY keeping a journal can help you process and more effectively cope with this major life transition.

Divorce lies at the top of the list of stressful life events for a reason. It is one of the most painful and difficult transitions you will go through. It seems to take forever to step into the new normal. In fact, at times you think life will never be “normal” again.

You need to take the time to really deal with the gamut of emotions you are experiencing. The longer you soldier on, the longer it will take to begin to heal, to recover, to move on.

One of the best ways to move forward is by putting the oxygen mask on yourself first. By choosing EXTREME SELF-CARE. You are in a vulnerable state and you need all the understanding, compassion and love you can give yourself. 

Gift yourself with this special time to connect with YOU. 

Upcoming workshops listed here.

Divorce Recovery Journaling

As part of my course of study with the Therapeutic Writing Institute, I created a Divorce Recovery workshop called Derailed by Divorce?  Get Back on Track!   It combines my experience of journal writing through my own divorce process (which included lots of reading to make sense of the incomprehensible) and the principles and guidelines I learned about therapeutic writing from the Centre for Journal Therapy in Denver, Colorado.  

This is a six week workshop.  Each week, we focus on a different aspect of recovery with a variety of themes, writing prompts and of course, sharing.  Themes include the importance of self-care, identifying values and goals, grieving the end of the marriage, looking ahead and moving forward.  It is an empowering and powerful retreat from day to day concerns.

The greatest gift of this workshop is, however, the sharing (which is always optional).  As anyone knows who has spent time in circle with like-minded women, there is so much wisdom and compassion that is exchanged around a workshop table.  My goal is to create a warm, zen-like and inviting atmosphere…in fact, it’s been called a mini-retreat!

Here’s what Tracy K, who recently completed this workshop, had to say:

“After my divorce was finalizing , I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Helene. Her gentle and creative spirit invited me to commit to myself by doing her divorce journaling course.

By exploring myself and intentions in the weekly exercises, I uncovered a lot of buried feelings of hurt, pain, and despair. In a short amount of time I was no longer stuck in a rut or spinning my wheels. As I allowed words to come out on paper, I gained the clarity, self-acceptance, and forgiveness that I needed to take my life back. With that shift, I found a profound sense of joy, happiness, and peace of mind. With Helene as my fabulous guide/mentor, I felt truly safe and supported.

I am truly grateful for our time together…”


Introduction to Journaling for Teens

Offered in local libraries, this workshop helps teens learn to listen to their own inner wisdom and knowing.  For upcoming workshops, please click here.


I have had the great pleasure of offering workshops at various West Island libraries, at the West Island Womens Centre and at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. You can find out about upcoming workshops here



I am available for presentations on the many benefits of journal writing.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at several West Island libraries.   I’ve also offered “Wellness Through Writing” at the WICWC Spring Wellness Fair, the YMCA, AWISH and the Beaconsfield Newcomers Club.  I would be delighted to speak to your group or association about the many ways journaling enhances creativity and productivity while providing a safe container for healing and change.

For upcoming presentations and workshops, please click here.

For more information on any of these workshops or to schedule a presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or by telephone at (514) 620-2222.

Journaling in Morocco, 2017

I hope to see you in circle very soon.

Ink well,

Helene Brunet, Montreal, CANADA


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