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Helene Brunet

Welcome to Ink Well Journaling…

My name is Helene Brunet and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  As a child, I was smitten with the idea of a diary…a pretty white, gold-embossed journal with a tiny golden lock and key;  this started a lifelong love affair with journal writing and all things stationery, especially fountain pens of which I have several in a rainbow of ink colours!

I discovered the deep transformative power of journaling after a traumatic life event that left me bewildered and untethered.  Using my journal during that dark night of the soul saved my sanity, allowed me to get some perspective on the event, and ultimately uncovered its silver linings.  It is then that I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about this therapeutic practise with the goal of bringing this easy, affordable and powerful wellness tool to others.  I studied with the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver, Colorado, founded by psychotherapist Kathleen Adams, one of the true pioneers in the field of therapeutic writing for over 30 years.  You can find out more about Kathleen Adams and her ground-breaking work by visiting the Centre for Journal Therapy.

Then, at the 2016 Journal Conference hosted by the Centre for Journal Therapy, I discovered the work of art therapist Anne-Marie Jobin of l’École le jet d’ancre in Granby, Quebec.  So enthusiastic was I about her method of Creative Journaling that I attended several workshops at her studio in Granby.  This past year, I took part in her Certification Programme and am now offering workshops which are based on her original method. We combine art therapy and psychology concepts using simple, creative techniques.  Enlightening, invigorating and pure magic, one of my most often heard comments is how quickly the two hours flies by.

It is with great pleasure that I offer a variety of workshops to bring clarity, insight and healing to those who wish to explore their world within the pages of either a creative or traditional written journal.




Introduction to Journaling

This two-hour workshop is a terrific “Introduction to Journaling.” Participants leave with a workbook that includes journaling techniques, suggestions, tips and a page full of thought-provoking writing prompts. There is some some hands-on journaling.  Sharing, one of the great gifts of journaling in a group, is always optional.  Although journaling is a personal practise, journaling in a group always leads to enlightening conversations and connection.  If you have not experienced journaling in a group, consider doing so…it is a lovely experience!

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Journal to the Self®

This much beloved workshop, created by Kathleen Adams of the Centre for Journal Therapy, has been taught to thousands of people all over the world!  Did you know there are 18 different techniques you can use in your journal to access information, get in touch with your intuition, manage your time more efficiently, tap into your creativity…the list goes on and on!  I LOVE teaching this workshop because people are invariably surprised and delighted with how useful and helpful a journal can be.  They leave feeling inspired, empowered and wishing it was longer than six weeks!

What participants are saying about this workshop:

“Very beautiful, calm and soothing ambiance. Workshop surpassed my expectation.” – M.K.

“It taught me perspective in writing – that it has so many tools in healing, teaching and learning to know yourself. I have learned a lot about me. “Self Discovery” is and can be the best tool to heal yourself.” – S.P.

“I learned how much journaling can help you through stressful situations. Using many different techniques, I can usually find a way to deal with difficult situations.” – N.G.

“I never realized how powerful journaling was until I joined your class. It is very therapeutic.” – L.C

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Creative Journaling (le Journal Créatif™)

Want to feel like a kid again?  To cut and paste and doodle?  Remember losing track of time as you let your creative side out to play?

In creative journaling, we use basic art materials to express ourselves with lines, shapes, colour and collage.  When we add these elements to our written practise, we enter a world which is ripe with symbolism and hidden meaning.   

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to discover a more intuitive way of journaling.  Re-discover the fun you had expressing yourself with scissors and glue, crayons and markers. 

No artistic talented needed! 

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Introduction to Journaling for Teens

Occasionally offered in local libraries, this workshop helps teens learn to listen to their own inner wisdom and intuition.  It provides them with an outlet for their dreams, fears, hopes and challenges.  It is an invaluable tool for self-exploration and esteem building.  For any upcoming workshops, please click here.







I have had the great pleasure of offering workshops at various West Island libraries, at the West Island Womens Centre and at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. You can find out about upcoming workshops here



I am available for presentations on the many benefits of journal writing.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at several West Island libraries.   I’ve also offered “Wellness Through Writing” at the WICWC Spring Wellness Fair, the YMCA, AWISH and the Beaconsfield Newcomers Club.  I would be delighted to speak to your group or association about the many ways journaling enhances creativity and productivity while providing a safe container for healing and change.

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For more information on any of these workshops or to schedule a presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or by telephone at (514) 620-2222.

I hope to see you in circle very soon.

Ink well,

Helene Brunet, Montreal, CANADA


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