Divorced? Recover Yourself!


It has been proven time and time again: one of the most effective and affordable ways you can help yourself is by keeping a journal.

A journal can help you:

• Recover

• Move On

• Release Sadness

• Feel Supported

• Process Emotions

• Adapt to the Changes

• Feel Whole Again

• Reclaim Hope

• Heal Relationships

Sound too good to be true? Numerous studies have proven that writing about difficult life circumstances reduces your stress and boosts your immune system. It helps you focus and gain clarity when everything seems muddled. It helps you safely release pent up emotions. It gives you perspective. It allows you to integrate the changes. It helps heal the past and improve relationships. It puts you in touch with “you” by quieting outside noise. It clarifies what’s important to you.

This 6-week workshop explores several stages of the divorce transition. Themes include How and Why Journaling Helps, Self-care, Who Am I Now?, Grieving, Looking Forward and Moving On. Learning a variety of journaling techniques, you explore different parts of the divorce process to navigate this challenging transition. In a safe environment, you have the opportunity to talk about your experiences (although sharing is always optional).

The discussion provides an opportunity to offer support and to validate each other’s divorce process. This brings relief and often creates deep bonds and a strong sense of community.

About Helene Brunet:

Certified Journal Facilitator, Helene graduated Honours English from Concordia University in Montreal where she was accepted to the Masters in Creative Writing. She worked 23 years at her local library before transitioning to journal therapy. She has kept journals off and on since childhood. In her late 40s, after 26 years of marriage, she experienced an unexpected and traumatic divorce. Her journal proved to be a deeply therapeutic tool.

As a result, she became interested in helping other women discover the power of journaling to deal with this challenging life transition. Studying with Kathleen Adams of the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver, Colorado, she created “Derailed by Divorce: Get Back on Track,” an 8-week Divorce Recovery Workshop.

She also teaches Journal to the Self, Introduction to Journaling for Teens and Journaling Through Transitions. She volunteers at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre where she leads a workshop called Write Way to Wellness.

Helene is passionate about teaching the power of journaling for therapeutic healing and self-directed change.

In their words…

“After my divorce was finalizing , I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Helene. Her gentle and creative spirit invited me to commit to myself by doing her divorce journaling course.

By exploring myself and intentions in the  weekly exercises,I uncovered a lot of buried feelings of hurt, pain, and despair. In a short amount of time I was no longer stuck in a rut or spinning my wheels. As I allowed words to come out on paper, I gained the clarity, self-acceptance, and forgiveness that I needed to take my life back. With that shift, I found a profound sense of joy, happiness, and peace of mind. With Helene as my fabulous guide/mentor/, I felt truly safe and supported.

I am truly grateful for our time together…” – Tracy Kump

“Helene created a safe space for us to share our journaling pieces with the group and she offered positive words of encouragement and feedback. She made this workshop such a positive experience and an enjoyable self-discovery and learning process.” – C.B.

“Helene has a soothing voice and is very empathic. Very open and non-judgmental. Has the ability to bring the best out of you.” -J.C.

“I loved learning different techniques and how helpful they can be depending on different situations. I liked the sharing, openness and respect in our group; a social, comfortable, peaceful setting, free of judgment.” – C.P.

“Helene gets everyone involved. She loves what she does and is very enthusiastic. Helene knows the subject very well.” – M.L.

“I have learned a lot about me. “Self Discovery” is and can be the best tool to heal yourself. We don’t always know who and what we are.” – S.P.


For more information about this transformative and healing workshop, check Ink Well Journaling’s Upcoming Events or email Ink Well Journaling here.


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