Why I Believe in the Power of Journaling

Why do I believe in the power of journaling?

A few weeks ago, I doodled a drawing, inspired by a quote which spoke to me. The quote is “The world is as you dream it.”  



Last weekend, I attended a wonderful workshop lead by John Perkins at Omega Institute in NY State. The workshop was called “Prosperity Through Creativity.” Inspired, I sought out his books in the Omega Library. Here is what I bought:


This synchronicity was completely unconscious!…I did not even realise the connection until I was on my way home and suddenly, as I read the title of the book I’d just bought, my doodle page came to mind and I made the connection. Coincidence, you say?

I think not!

MaineLike cairns on a rocky trail, journal insights inform us that we are on right path. They tell us to follow our deep inner knowing and to follow the wisdom of a universe which supports us in surprising and delightful ways.

Start using your journal today!  

Get information on upcoming workshops and events here.

I hope to see you in circle soon.  


Ink well!

Helene Brunet

4 thoughts on “Why I Believe in the Power of Journaling

    1. Sherry, thank you for your comment! I’m constantly amazed at what I didn’t know I “knew” until I read it in the pages of my journal and that is empowering!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Yes, it’s a powerful practise and it’s always great to connect to a fellow journaler. I really appreciate your feedback!

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